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Contact Centre: 086 038 8879 

or email us at info@emcol.co.za 

Important Dates!

27NCV Quarter 2 end.
1Applications: Recruitment Campaign 2015 open.
18NATED Trimester 2 end.
21NATED Trimester 2 exams begin.

NATED Business Semester 2 start.

NCV Quarter 3 start.
6NATED Trimester 2 exams end.

Career Fest.
1NATED Trimester 3 start.
5EMC Diploma Ceremony.
15NCV Internal exams stroke test series start.
3NCV Internal exams stroke test series end.

NCV Quarter 3 end.
13NCV Quarter 4 start.
24NCV Quarter 4 exams begin.
7NATED Trimester 3 end.

NATED Business Semester 3 end.
10NATED Business Semester 2 exams begin.
11NATED Trimester 3 exams begin.
26NCV Quarter 4 end.

NATED Business Semester 2 exams end.
27NATED Trimester 3 exams end.
3EMC Conference.
4EMC Conference.
10College closes.